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Whiteants and termites

We love our Queensland homes! But so do the critters...

Having a nice level home is one thing, but what's really happening underneath?

It has been said that most Brisbane homes are under attack by termites in some form, and we spend small fortunes on nasty expensive chemical barriers to kill and deter them.  And we all know that termites love timber! 

Sadly, poorly maintained timber house posts are a haven for these nasty little pests and one of the best methods of preventing termite damage, without the chemical warfare, is to make your home "termite un-friendly".  Termites are attracted to timber, particularly timber that is water logged and damp, or surrounded by debris.  If your stumps are in poor condition then termites could literally be eating your house out from under you.  Correct the damage now and prevent a termite colony from invading your home.

The healthy house stump how to's

  • Replace or repair rotting timber stumps
  • Improve sub-floor ventilation with proper stumping and paling walls
  • Improve drainage by properly positioning posts
  • Consider replacing timbers with concrete or steel
  • Remove built up debris from around your stumps
  • Ensure proper capping between the stumps and the flooring
  • Get a regular checkup on the health of your stumps 

White Ant Infested Post


White ant infestation has caused the post to become rotted out and potentially unsafe to support the weight of your house.

What's happening below the stump


This stump looks okay on the surface but has completely failed under ground.