Brisbane House Restumping

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Restumping in Brisbane

House restumping has been around in Brisbane as long as the unique "Queenslander" style home has been in existence. We love them, but they are subject to the full effects of our monsoonal, extreme hot/dry and wet/humid weather. 

There are a variety of reasons for the highset home in Brisbane, such as:

  • Houses set off the ground to catch breezes on hot humid days
  • To keep high and dry from flood waters and flood plains, and respect the natural watercourses
  • To maximise buildings on sloping blocks and small blocks

House restumping Brisbane

Good ventilation is paramount to keeping our homes cool. And these days, trimming a few dollars off the electricity bill for cooling is always a good thing!

The environmental home

In many ways, homes built on stumps can be considered good for the environment by allowing natural ventilation and not disturbing the natural watercourses that exist on just about any property - important for allowing water to naturally escape in our torrential downpours.

Because Brisbane is set mostly on a clay base, individual posts allow houses to move with the wet and dry conditions with minimal damage.

Brisbane is full of houses low and high off the ground depending on the lay of the land.

All of these factors lead to our stumps being a necessary part of good home maintenance!


House restumping is one of the oldest and traditional trades in Brisbane and is usually done by hardworking men who look like they could hold up a house with their bare hands. I was taught this trade by my father and brothers, and am proud to carry on the tradition. - Paul Simpson