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Why Stumps Fail

Paul Simpson House RestumpingSetting new posts on a solid footing


Homes set on stumps are not only good for the environment but also provide valuable usable space under your home. As such, checking and maintaining the stumps is an important part of good home maintenance.

We all know that regularly clearing the gutters is necessary to prevent damage to your home from the top down, but many neglect the very things that support the house from the ground up. Regular maintenance of house stumps is crucial in any home maintenance routine.

Here are some conditions that cause stumps to fail:

Wooden Stumps

  • Rot due to damp conditions
  • White ant (termite) infestation.
  • Sinking stumps due to not being set in solid base.

Concrete Posts (Created on-site)

  • Lack of cement powder in mix.
  • Cracks due to steel reinforcement rusting.
  • Crumbling and falling apart. (Most of these posts were made post World War II when materials where scarce).

Steel Posts

  • Not coated correctly.
  • Not cemented above ground level to disperse moisture.
  • Using sub-standard steel SHS.

Whether your stumps are timber, concrete or steel, it is important to check your stumps regularly and address issues before they become major problems.