Brisbane House Restumping

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What you can expect

Paul Simpson House Restumping

Of course, you can expect a fully professional restumping job. We have been restumping Brisbane houses for over 20 years and our friendly experienced tradesman will work to ensure the highest level of finish and safety.



  • We can level your house to allow for renovations. eg: Kitchens, bathrooms.
  • We can pack existing posts.
  • We can replace failed stumps and refit new steel, concrete and wooden stumps.
  • We can fit U-Beam and steel channels to allow for usable space under your house.
  • We set all new posts into the ground on a solid footing.
  • We can fit anchor bolt tie downs to guard against high winds.
  • We can renew ant capping.
  • We can also refit your old paling sections or build new sections and gates.
  • We have the staff and equipment to re-stump houses of 900mm off the ground to 4000mm.


Paul Simpson House RestumpingPaul Simpson House Restumping