Brisbane House Restumping

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Symptoms of Failed Stumps

Apart from the possibility of eventual total house collapse, there are many other more subtle signs that stumps under your house are failing.

  • Windows and doors are hard to open
  • Door locks are not in correct alignment
  • Floors are not level or slope
  • Cracks in your cornice or internal walls
  • Vibrations in your floor when you walk
  • Things roll across your floors
  • Cupboards shake and rattle
  • Furniture falls over and things fall off walls

If left uncorrected, these problems have potential to ruin possessions, create life threatening situations such as furniture toppling over, and lead to much more devastating and expensive maintenance issues, such as windows cracking or the whole house support failing.

Once a house is levelled, it's plain to see how much the house has moved due to failed house stumps (click images for larger view):

Paul Simpson House Restumping  Paul Simpson House Restumping

Imagine putting a 10cm tilt on your fridge.  Would you stand in front of it?

This is why what is happening UNDER your home can lead to problems INSIDE your home. 

Paul Simpson House Restumping

New concrete stump set to completely
level the house
New steel post being set to prevent creaking
of floor boards