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Concrete house stumps on a concrete slab

House stumps come in a variety of forms – timber, steel and concrete. Here is an example of concrete house stumps that replaced old timber stumps when the house was raised and a concrete slab laid underneath. They not only serve the purpose of strengthening and levelling the house but they look great too. This area under the house will be used for storage and entertainment and possibly vehicle parking. As such it may be exposed to knocking and damage. The concrete posts will provide the owners with peace of mind and also durability. We also did the new palings! For professional, quality restumping for all areas under the house contact us now for a free quote.

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post on concrete slab sml

Reinforcing house stumps – the right way

We see it all. This house stump has the reinforcing bars protruding from the bottom of the stump. Not ideal. Your house is designed to have its weight distributed in such a way that it will remain sound and solid. At the end of the day, weight will find its point of least resistance and in this case it will be the small bars that protrude from the end of what may otherwise seem a perfectly good stump. Exposed to ground water it will eventually rust out the stump, making it weaker. For stumps that need replacing or to fix up a dodgy DIY job, call the professionals. Contact us now for a free quote.

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reinforced house stump sml

Levelling the floor of a house on stumps

It’s that tell sign of sinking stumps when things on the floor start to roll inexplicably. It’s no ghost – it’s probably just your house adjusting to the fact that some or all of its existing supports are failing. It is the purpose of stumps to evenly distribute the weight of your home such as to keep it level and everything inside squared up and sound. Aside from the obvious danger, left unrepaired a sinking or degraded stump will eventually wreak havoc inside your home. Plaster will crack and pull away, doors and windows will no longer close properly. Furniture will tilt and gravity will play its part pulling everything to the lowest point. Levelling up a house with stumps may not be as difficult as it seems. Replacing or packing the posts may be the simple answer to a complex problem, but it needs to be done with some care, taking into account the structural forces at play. Call the experts in solving restumping problems and ask for a free repair quote now.

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floors levelled 2 sml floors levelled sml

We do fencing too

Complement your home with the perfect front fence. Along with our expertise in house raising and restumping, we also provide add-on services such as picket and paling fences that tie in perfectly with the look you are trying to achieve. Get some old world charm and define areas in one go. Contact PS House Restumping now for a free quote.

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timber fencing sml

What does a termite ridden house stump look like?

A house stump may look perfect from the outside, but termites don’t usually start from the outside and work their way in. Instead, they nest deep inside happily chomping their way through the timber. Here’s a few pics of the damage these little devils do. As the infestation gets worse, the timber post will obviously weaken and provide no support to your house. Eventually it may fail causing floors to creak, doors to stop closing and windows to break, or worse. Replacing timber house stumps is best done by professionals to ensure the job is done properly and safely. Call us now and ask for a free quote.

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Termite infested stumps sml  Termite infested stumps2 sml