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Things to look for when buying a stumped house

Buying a timber house on stumps? Here are some tips on things to look for.

Always check to see if windows open and close easily. Check the doors also. If they don't, this an indication of sub-floor movement.

If it's a low to the ground house (lowset), it’s always good to take a torch. You’ll be able to see any obvious problems with stumps cracking or crumbling concrete posts. Also you may notice rusting steel posts or decaying timber posts. If it’s a high from the ground house (highset) check that any block work or walls that have been built between the stumps have been built correctly.

Access to the old posts when restumping in very important. The amount of demo and poor access has a large bearing on the cost to replace the posts. Also, if it’s very low to the ground it will take more time to do the work, therefore it costs more than an average job, as all the rectification work is done from laying on our bellies or on our knees.

Ask your building inspector to give you as many details on the posts as he/she can. For example, height from ground, the amount of stumps that need replacing and how level the floor is. All these details will help when you call us for a price during the buying process.

Look for any renovations done to house as these may hamper levelling the house later on.

Here at Paul Simpson Restumping have been servicing the Brisbane area for 33 years. We are happy to help by giving you the correct information in regards to the sub floor area when buying a house.