Brisbane House Restumping

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Levelling the floor of a house on stumps

It’s that tell sign of sinking stumps when things on the floor start to roll inexplicably. It’s no ghost – it’s probably just your house adjusting to the fact that some or all of its existing supports are failing. It is the purpose of stumps to evenly distribute the weight of your home such as to keep it level and everything inside squared up and sound. Aside from the obvious danger, left unrepaired a sinking or degraded stump will eventually wreak havoc inside your home. Plaster will crack and pull away, doors and windows will no longer close properly. Furniture will tilt and gravity will play its part pulling everything to the lowest point. Levelling up a house with stumps may not be as difficult as it seems. Replacing or packing the posts may be the simple answer to a complex problem, but it needs to be done with some care, taking into account the structural forces at play. Call the experts in solving restumping problems and ask for a free repair quote now.

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